Spending quality time with loved ones


    Your mood with a stroll through the woods.


    To the cosmos through a telescope


    In non-toxic indoor and outdoor environments


    In organic gardening

    Be inspired

    By the rich biodiversity


    In the stillness of the woods


    In the fresh forest air

    Our Eco Approach

    If you observe a forest ecosystem, you’ll notice it’s biodiversity – soft moss, tall trees, nourishing rain, graceful deer, abundant ants, soaring birds, etc. all existing together in mutuality. While complementing and enriching each other, together they ensure the balance of the entire forest.

    As human beings it is our responsibility to ensure the overall balance of our home, the Earth. At Folk Tree Lodge we take this on this responsibility very seriously and joyfully. We strive to be aware of our choices and their implications, and ensure our actions result in a cyclical natural process. In order to transform the world, we strive to transform ourselves and our local interactions.

    We have many eco-friendly practices (some found below) and we continuously strive for improvement.

    At Folk Tree Lodge we

    • Use natural-plant based (biodegradable) cleaning products
    • Compost food scraps in order to enhance the rich biology and fertility of the soil (there is also a compostable toilet on the property)
    • Engage in local food production through our organic garden (with two greenhouses) producing fruits and vegetables throughout he Summer/Fall months
    • Preserve the local biodiversity – including wildlife and native plant species by protecting the forest ecosystem
    • Harvest rainwater

    Future plans

    • Year round food production in a large greenhouse
    • Install solar panels for solar electricity